Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pink Saturday - A Plant That Will Leave You Feeling In The Pink!

I'm not going to show you a plant this Pink Saturday that has large, showy flowers like last Saturday's lotus. As a matter of fact, the flowers of this plant, although pretty, are not its main feature.

If you are not already familiar with scented geraniums let me introduce you to one of my favorites - the Lime Scented Geranium. Plant this beauty next to a path or in a pot close to where you sit in the garden and breath deep! The slightest brush of your hand produces the scent of fresh-cut relaxing...

I keep my scented geraniums in small pots spread around my front porch. When I water them their different scents waft up to tickle my nose. These pelargoniums have dainty, delicate flowers in a cool shade of lavender pink. Their leaves are a delicious deep green with a slightly blue cast and are only about an inch in diameter.

The leaves of lime scented geranium are edible and can be used in ice tea, layered in sugar to give it a delicious lime scent and unique flavor, potpourri and sachets. Come join in my obsession with the scented geranium!

Be sure to visit Beverly at How Sweet The Sound for more delicious Pinkness!

Another Obsession - The Stately Iris

"Thou art the Iris, fair among the fairest,

Who, armed with golden rod

And winged with the celestial azure, bearest

The message of some God."

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807 - 1882)

shown: Louisiana Iris 'Black Gamecock'
suitable for garden, pond or bog.
A prolific, free flowering iris, the foliage provides
structure in a garden even when not in bloom.