Thursday, July 16, 2009

I Am So In Love With Cannas!

from the greek 'kanna' meaning reed-like plant
I always liked cannas, didn't like the damage from bugs that attacked them, but liked the plant none the less.
I remember a stand of cannas in a park in Dallas; it came back every year bigger and better than ever, but it was just a passing thought, didn't intend to plant any of them.
Then, I moved to Houston a few years ago and everything changed.
They are everywhere here! Gorgeous! Luscious! Extravagant!
I was hooked! So, this is the summer of the canna for me. I am currently growing several varities, four of which I have for sale in my little stores.
What I have learned so far:
*Cannas have a long and varied history-others have been obsessed long before I came along
*People swap the names around pretty freely, cannas will have different names in different countries, states or persons 'Pretoria' is another persons 'Bengal Tiger'...use whatever suits you!
*Cannas are not a lily even though people call them "Canna Lily"
*Cannas love water and sunshine-lots of it
*Some cannas are more susceptible to leaf rollers than others
*I love them even with chewed-up leaves (I found out that leaf rollers are the caterpillars of skippers, the little orange butterflies of my childhood, so I share the leaves with them)
*I love variegated leaf cannas (essentially all thing variegated), BUT
*the solid leafed 'Australia' and 'Orange Punch' are my favorites this year!

cannas I currently grow: 'Australia', 'Pretoria' (aka Bengal Tiger), 'Durban' (aka Tropicanna), 'Pink Sunburst', 'Orange Punch', 'Stuttgart', 'patens' (aka Paton)

cannas I currently sell: 'Australia', 'Pretoria', 'Orange Punch', 'Pink Sunburst'

above are pics of recent blooms in my garden: 'Australia', 'Orange Punch', 'Pretoria', 'patens', 'Pink Sunburst'
If you have any questions about canna, canna pests, etc. please let me know! If I don't know the answer, I will know where you can find it.


  1. Those are your flowers? I'm impressed. Check out my new blog which needs a post. I'm having Pink Saturday writer's block.

  2. yes! took most of the pics yesterday morning! the blog looks great! ;)

  3. Paula ~ I found you through Nancy! I love cannas too - they remind me of my grandma. She always had them in the back of her garden. I guess because they are so tall.

    I'll be back for visits!

  4. me too! such a lovely, old fashioned flower...welcome to the blog!

  5. Found you via Nancy! Welcome to blogland! You are going to love it and meet so many dear new friends! Thank you so much for offering Nancy the beautiful pink canna! Pink is my favorite color in the garden!


  6. Hi Paula! Welcome to blogging! Came by way of Nancy. Love the Cannas. I have a few, but I love your pink one. I'm off to check your ebay. I will be coming back for more visits. Please drop by when you get a chance.

    Hugs :)


  7. I love plants of all kinds...but these cannas are beautiful. I was visiting Nancy's blog also, and just had to check everything out! Great Job yout two!!!
    Good luck with your new ventures!!!!
    I'll post about you on my blog too. Hope you don't mind!?

  8. I just checked out your Etsy and saw that the pink cannas were sold already! Will you be offering more of them? Cause I would like to get some. And I have a question. Do you have to dig up your cannas and bring them in for the winter in colder climates like mine?

  9. Just dropped in from over at Nancy's blog to say welcome to Bloglandia! :-)

    I love canna lilies, too. My grandmother used to have a huge patch of them in her sideyard. They grow well in Florida, too!


    Sheila :-)

  10. OMG...what quick delivery!!
    The plant I ordered is nice and big and healthy. Can't wait to see if it blooms!!

  11. you're welcome! the plant will work on roots for a while (maybe two weeks) and then should start blooming. enjoy!