Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Welcome To My Pond And Bog Blog!

My greatest desire is to share with you my passion for all things water garden - hence this blog!
Bog and pond plants are nature's water purifiers - they filter runoff before it hits our bayous, bays, lakes, rivers or aquifers. In today's ecologically aware culture rain, water and bog gardens are being created to responsibly and creatively deal with water runoff, low spots in yards and by municipalities to clean water before it hits the storm drains.
BUT...they are also being created for pure pleasure, their sheer beauty and their ease of maintenance. I find that all the ecological benefits of these gardens come naturally when we just concentrate on building them for our own enjoyment.
I wish to share my knowledge and experiences with all of you, while learning new things from you! Let's go on this adventure together - we will have so much fun!

Photo: Mrs. Perry D. Slocum lotus (nelumbo nucifera 'Mrs. Perry D. Slocum') taken the first day of bloom, end of June, 2009.