Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Accidental Tabletop Bog Garden

I am so overwhelmed and currently have too many things to do and absolutely no time to do them in. So I am going to ignore the madness and write a small post dedicated to my tabletop bog garden.

I keep this tub outside my backdoor on a table where I can contemplate its beauty. It is just so green, I just love that! What a blessing it has been - when I was too weak to walk outside I could look out the window at it and thank God for that little tub of greenery and for my life.

It was created when Hurricane Ike was barreling toward Galveston, and only 35 miles inland, our home. My husband put all my plants on the ground in our side yard, locked up and away from the windows. Some of these plants were bareroot, removed from a bog garden that I had in Arizona. I threw the bareroot plants into a 7 gallon feed tub and hoped for the best. I was in the middle of an intense round of radiation therapy and too weak and sick to worry about the plants. So, for the next few months I totally neglected this little tub other than to water it when I could, thinking that I would get around to dividing everything up into individual pots.

Obviously, that never happened and though I am healthy again I'm not going to touch this pot, it is just too cute! What a happy accident, no soil, no fertilizer, just water - no wonder I love these little wet wonders!!

The bog tub includes: Dwarf Cattail, Horsetail, Variegated Japanese Iris, Louisiana Iris 'Gamecock', White Rain Lily, Arrow Arum, Pennywort, Aquatic Four Leaf Clover. How fun!


  1. I want this plant in my new home in the south and Houston would be just fine. How could you possibly say you are moving and give no more details. I have to get on a plane in the a.m. Will have to keep checking via iPhone. Details details details!

    Loved the post.

  2. it all just happened yesterday! will give details by text!! plants moving with me to bigger yard that they will love!!!

  3. Wow it is so cool to know that everything wants to live no matter what the circumstances !!!!!! Love it !!!!!! XO

  4. this is gorgeous!! what a great idea and lovely combination of plants.
    I've got the 4 leaf clover plant wintering inside -- I'll have to buy some of the others.
    Thanks for posting the great pics, Judy